Cheesy tomato pasta with whitebait 🧀🍝🐟


1 shallot (chopped or grated)
1 garlic (chopped or minced)
1 small tub of anchovy Anya Meals stock
1 heaped tbsp of white bait fish, washed
1/2 cup of frozen peas
1/2 tin of salt-free chopped/plum tomatoes
A pinch of oregano
A dash of black pepper
3 heaped tbsp of Parmesan cheese

Sauté shallot and garlic in the pot till shallot turns translucent. Add in washed white bait fish, sauté a little longer till fragrant then throw in frozen peas.

Once peas turn bright green, add in chopped/plum tomatoes, anchovy stock, oregano and black pepper. Let it boil then switch to simmer.

Stir in Parmesan after switching off the fire and serve over choice of pasta. Rich in calcium, great for family meals!


Suitable for babies 9 months and above.

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